JP Paving has developed extensive knowledge and expertise in the paving industry; this promotes the smooth operation of all aspects of a job. Most importantly, we strive to ensure a quality relationship with our customers. This is why we provide reliable, quick, and easily accessible information.

We are devoted to providing our customers with excellent customer service. For any questions, comments or suggestions contact us at:

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Estela Perez-Taylor :: General Manager


Office: (408) 436-0616
Fax: (408) 436-1636

"I began working with my father in the industry 17 years ago, and have since learned much from him. It is his commitment to family, work ethics and quality production that serves as this company's foundation. Nothing makes me happier than contributing to his dream of having a family-owned business. The love and respect we share within our family is ever-persent in the operation of our company, especially customer service."

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