If you are considering a project and want to obtain an estimate JP Paving can provide you with quick, reliable and friendly service. To expedite the process it may be helpful for you to provide information concerning the project. Take a look at our ‘planning a project’ page.

Other information that should be readily available includes: your name, phone number/e-mail, company name, type of project, job location, and any other unique concerns or comments.





Jesse Rivas :: jesserivas@jppaving.com

Office: 408.436.0616
Fax: 408.436.1636
Cell : (650) 924-3432

Jesse has worked in the paving & grading industry for over 17 years. He began as a field employee and worked under the direct supervision of his father-in-law, JP. After exploring many areas of the industry, Jesse join the Sales Team nearly 9 years ago. "I have experienced first hand JP's dedicated work ethics and level of commitment. Today, I am proud to be apart of his company and have the opportunity to give back and contribute to JP's dream."


Myra Luna-Verdi :: Sales Support

Office: 408.436.0616
Fax: 408.436.1636

Myra is the newest addition to the JP family. Her commitment, strong work ethic, and pleasant disposition makes her an ideal fit to our office staff. Managing a variety of administrative matters and offering complete sales support, Mayra is sure to contribute to JP's continued success.



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