Asphalt pavement surfaces, from parking lots to driveways, are a valuable asset to any property. Maintaining and/or replacing at the correct time and in the correct manner can help to ensure a worthwhile investment.

The first step in planning your project is to assess damages. Do a brief visual inspection of your existing concrete surfaces. Look for cracks (which will most likely be treated with 'crack-filler') and stains on the surface. This can help to evaluate both the urgency and extent of the project. Compare your findings with the chart below, which displays and ranks various conditions of asphalt. 5 is perfectly sealed asphalt and 1 corresponds to a asphalt that desperately needs crack-filler and seal.

If your asphalt-pavement surfaces are severly warped, cracked, or damaged you may need to consider sectional replacement, overlay, or new pavement. For researching or planning such a task, click here.

After doing a simple overview, the next step is to note the location of any damages. Approximate both the square footage of damaged surface and the percentage of surface that is damaged.

With this information you are more than ready to contact JP Paving. Soon you will be speaking to a member of our project-management team, and well on the way to a completed project!

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