JP Paving, while specializing in asphalt pavement related construction, can handle many of your small site construction needs. We provide all the latest industry technologies to ensure our customers receive the best possible quality of work. There are five main categories of work that JP Paving frequently handles: Asphalt Pavement, Seal Coating, Striping, Concrete, and Other.

Asphalt Pavement
As previously mentioned, asphalt pavement is our forte. Depending on the condition of the existing asphalt there are different procedures that may be used. For the worst conditions a complete renovation (including excavation, grading, and laying completely new pavement) is regular. Other jobs may only call for adding to the existing asphalt structure; this can be in the form of overlay, fill, or sectional replacement. Common jobs include: driveways, parking lots, walkways, speed bumps, ramps, pothole repair…

Factors introduced over time, such as car traffic and weather, make treatment of pavement a necessity. This being the case, JP Paving frequently provides seal coating treatment for customers. Seal coating can add to the life-span and aesthetics of asphalt. Commonly included in the seal coating procedure is a process called ‘crack filling’, which is a filling and concealing of existing cracks.

Parking lots (and the like) often require the striping of parking stalls, lanes, arrows, and text. Whether following an existing scheme or striping for the first time, JP Paving’s striping-team is glad to do the job.

Small site construction can also call for concrete structures. Common jobs: planters, steps, stamped concrete, colored concrete, tiled concrete, patios, draining systems…

For those custom needs, JP Paving also provides many other services, such as: drainage repairs & improvements, excavation, grading, underground pipes, tile, brick… Is what you’re looking for not on the list? Just call us and one of our customer service personnel can provide you with all the necessary information.

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